Cops Confirm Body Found Inside Freezer Belongs to Pinay Maid, Tag Her Employers as Suspects

When the body of a woman was found inside a freezer believed to have been left inside an abandoned apartment for over a year, it was widely believed that she was a Filipina since the previous occupants had a Filipina housemaid.

It turned out the body was, indeed, that of the Filipina domestic helper who worked for a Lebanese man and his Syrian wife. The Filipina was identified as 29-year-old Joanna Daniela Demafelis who hails from Iloilo City.

Last kami nagkausap September 2016 doon sa may bintana tapos nong bumaba siya, nakita ko siya doon banda, tapos tinanong ko siya kumusta siya, sabi niya sa akin hindi daw maganda, kasi ang daw amo niya sinasaktan siya, delayed ang sahod,” another Pinay working at a nearby apartment revealed.

The Pinay friend added, “Sabi ko sa kaniya, alis ka na lang diyan or ihatid kita sa embassy pero hindi siya pumayag kasi takot siya sa amo niya.

Sadly, the maltreated maid was killed, with all evidence pointing to her employers as the one who did it. She had torture marks all over her body and stab wounds on her neck.

She was also placed inside the chest freezer, left there to rot while her employers fled from the country not just from the murder but also because the man had arrest warrants for issuing fake checks.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

But many Filipinos could not believe the landlord’s statement that he had no idea about the dead body in the freezer after the tenants fled. Didn’t he clean up the apartment to get it ready for the next user?

Well, it turned out the Lebanese man had specific instructions for the landlord not to open the apartment as he was afraid the valuables inside will be lost or destroyed. It’s just crazy that the landlord didn’t bother checking the unit even though a year had passed with the tenants not returning there. We do wonder if the rent was still paid every month, though.

Photo credit: Kuwait 24 Hours / Facebook

Noong umalis pala itong couple na ito, sinabi nila doon sa nagbabantay na huwag buksan iyong flat dahil mayroon silang mahahalagang bagay doon. Nabuksan lang itong flat through a court order dahil marami palang kaso ng bouncing checks ‘yong Lebanese na ‘yon,” revealed Renato Pedro Villa, the Philippines’ ambassador in Kuwait.

The local police have sought the help of Interpol to arrest the suspects who had fled Kuwait back in 2016. We hope they are arrested soon so that justice will be served for Demafelis.

Body of Possible Pinay Maid Found in Kuwait, Believed to be Kept in Freezer for Over 1 Year

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