City of Cebu Introduces the New BRT Card That Will Make People’s Lives Easier, Faster and More Secured

A lot of Asian countries are adopting cashless payments because they are more convenient and safer to use. People do not carry cash or coins anymore and instead, they are replaced with smartphones and bank cards.

In South Korea alone, only 20 percent of payments in the country are made using cash. More people are switching to using mobile apps and digital wallets to pay for goods and services. One of the countries to recently join the world of cashless transactions is the Philippines, particularly the city of Cebu.

[Image Credit: Tommy Osmeña / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Tommy Osmeña / Facebook]

Cashless Transactions in Cebu

In his latest Facebook post, Cebu City’s incumbent mayor Tommy Osmeña announced that Cebu’s Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) will be the first mass transit system in the country to incorporate a fully integrated cashless payment system.

According to his update, residents of Cebu will be able to use their BRT cards not only to pay for their fare but eventually, they will be able to use these cards in supermarkets, convenience stores, taxis, gas stations, and even in restaurants and movie houses.

More Secured

The BRT card is faster to use than a credit card. It is also safer since the user does not need to provide any personal information other than the name linked to the account. If lost, the card can be deactivated remotely through BRT’s website.

Parents can also manage their children’s expenses and travels using this innovative card. They can track everything on the website and can also top up their children’s cards online.

[Image Credit: Tommy Osmeña / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Tommy Osmeña / Facebook]

Top Up Made Easy

Top up is easy. It can be made through BRT’s website, ATMs, and selected establishments. Personalised cards will also be available at all major stations. Mayor Tommy also added that a system is being developed to allow the use of a smartphone in lieu of the card.

[Image Credit: Tommy Osmeña / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Tommy Osmeña / Facebook]

Why Not Use Existing Cards?

A netizen named Manfred Rohrauer asked why the city government of Cebu came up with another card instead of using the existing ones available like the Beep card, PayMaya, and GCash. Beep card is the current card being used in Metro Manila.

According to Mayor Tommy, none of these cards can offer all the features that the BRT card has. He explained further that he will not leave Cebu’s traffic at the mercy of a Philippine conglomerate with its vested interests.

A lot of people agree with the mayor’s answer. Some of them expressed their concerns regarding the common problems they are experiencing with cards like PayMaya.

This is definitely good news. Having the BRT card means that the country is already improving and is ready to start with the convenience of cashless transactions.

What can you say about this? Do you think this will make our lives easier and better? Let us know in the comments section below!

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