Carlo Aquino on Having One-Night Stands: “As Much as Possible, No”

Carlo Aquino guested on Boy Abunda’s late night talk show, “Tonight with Boy Abunda” to promote the movie “Meet Me in St. Gallen” where he worked with co-star Bella Padilla. When asked if he is in favor of one-night stand with a stranger, he answered: “As much as possible, no.”

Photo: screenshot Tonight with Boy Abunda/ABS-CBN

Carlo’s role in the movie is a guy who had a one-night stand with a woman he doesn’t know. But for him, he wouldn’t do it in real life.  He further explained his side.

“Hindi. Ayaw ko.”

“Hindi mo alam kung saan pupunta, ano’ng mangyayari at ano’ng susunod.” “Walang kasiguraduhan kung may masasaktan kang ibang tao, kung masasaktan siya or ikaw.”

“Meet Me in St. Gallen” is already being shown in cinemas nationwide.

Boy Abunda also asked Carlo if there is a possibility for him and ex-girlfriend Angelica Panganiban to be together again.  In a separate interview, Carlo previously admitted that Angelica is his first love.

Photo: iamangelicap/Instagram

Carlo claimed that he and Angelica are close friends and had not thought of them being in a romantic relationship as of now.  He also added that they were really close from the start and that Angel is very special for him, something that who Angel ended up with as husband should understand.

Meanwhile, in Angelica’s Instagram post on Wednesday, she posted a bouquet of flowers from someone whom she didn’t identify. Carlo was immediately asked by fans if he was the one who sent it. After a few hours, Carlo’s post on Twitter left their fans even more hopeful.

Photo: Carlo Aquino/Twitter

Recently, the two are being romantically linked again after Angelica claimed to be open in going on dates with Carlo.  However, many are puzzled as Angelica previously expressed no intentions of getting back with an ex.

Carlo and Angelica had previously dated for 6 years.

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