Brokenhearted Man Discovers His Brother and Wife’s Affair

For a lot of people, our brother or sister is one of the most trustworthy people whom we can depend on especially during times of crisis. But what will you do if your own sibling is the one causing your heartache?

It is definitely a shocking discovery after a man found out that his wife and own brother were involved in a love affair. What would you do if you are in his shoes?

Never a Straight Road

The path of recovery from betrayal and cheating is never a straight road. And due to the unfortunate circumstances, this man is experiencing twice the heartache and heartbreak after finding out that his wife is cheating on him with none other than the person of his own blood.

With nowhere to turn to, the heartbroken man confessed the love affair to a popular local radio segment known as “Secret Files.” According to the man, his brother is the only family he has after their family, which is their mother and brother, was brutally murdered.

Growing up, the anonymous man’s brother was always aloof towards other people but his personality changed after meeting his wife named Rhian. The three have been living together under one roof for some time.

[Image Credit: Leading Trends / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Leading Trends / Facebook]

One Fateful Night

Since his wife is usually friendly with other people, even with the opposite sex, the man did not expect that he will receive the hardest news in his life. Rhian immediately warmed up towards the man’s brother. Little did he know that the two are already starting a love affair.

One fateful night, when he went home early to surprise his wife, he was the one surprised. He discovered his wife and his own brother naked on the bed. The two also confessed their ongoing love affair.

Who do you think the man choose? The story had an unexpected turn which will surely make you cry. To know how the issue was resolved, check out the video below:

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What can you say about this love affair? If you are in his shoes, what path will you choose?