Boy Quits School, Now a Millionaire Farmer after Buying a Calf Every Month as Construction Worker

Many of us go to school or have gone to school and earned a degree to become successful in life. By ‘successful’, we often mean having a good career, a house, a car, and a lot of money at our disposal. That’s not to mention being famous, of course.

In reality, however, majority of those who get a job don’t get rich, even if they finished their college education and even earn a master’s degree (or even a PhD!).

This is not to encourage students to quit school because it’s pointless, of course, but to show that there are people who don’t let society dictate how they could become successful in life.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

One boy in Malaysia named Saipol Azmir Zainuddin went to school for years but while he was diligent in learning his lessons, he wasn’t happy because it was always his dream of becoming a farmer.

After completing Standard 6, Zainuddin decided to quit school to work on his dream of becoming a farmer. But his family was poor. So, he first became a construction worker.

Zainuddin was very thrifty. For his first paycheck of RM750 ($190), he bought a calf usually priced at around RM450 ($115) at the time. But one calf wouldn’t make you rich, of course. So, each month, he saved up his money to buy another calf which his father would take care.

This went on for several months. He always made sure to buy a calf every month. He also bred the adult cows, gaining more calves each month without stopping his monthly purchase.

By the time I was 18, I’ve already had 300 cows. During that time, my father and I raised and sold cows to villagers. I saved up all the profit made because it has always been my dream to own a farm,” he said.

Although I dropped out of school way earlier than my friends, that didn’t break my spirit, because being a farmer has always been my dream.

His hard work paid off but Zainuddin knew he needed land if he was to raise more cows. So, he took a loan through the Farmer’s Organisation Authority Malaysia (LPP) amounting to RM100,000 ($25,550) which he used to buy a 0.8-hectare land.

This was when he was 19 years old. At this point, he was financially stable that he no longer needed to work as construction worker to buy a calf. He worked full time on his farm and was able to buy a car and build a beautiful home for his family.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

He’s still 33 years old now but Zainuddin already owns at least 700 cattle, 30 buffaloes, and more than 150 goats! Wow. Last year alone, he profited RM1 million ($255,100)! Can you believe that?

It’s amazing to hear of success stories like those of Zainuddin because this proves that being poor should not be a hindrance to success. Anyone can get rich even if that means starting in a measly, low-paying job like being a construction worker!

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