‘Air Binay’ Earns Raves, Gets Netizens Wishing it Will Be Available to Non-Makati Residents

Makati City in the Philippines is known for its excellent perks for its residents. In the past, residents were given cakes for their birthday but recently, the current Binay in position, Mayor Abigael “Abby” Binay-Campos is being credited for the much-hyped Air Jejomar 1, a pair of shoes best known on social media as ‘Air Binay’.

The pair of shoes was named after Mayor Abby’s father, former Vice President Jejomar Binay who also happened to be a former mayor of Makati as well.

Photo credit: Shoephoric

Recently, the shoes went viral on social media because those who received the pair were actually quite impressed.

A number of those who received the shoes shared on social media photos of them wearing the pair, revealing that the Air Jejomar 1 was actually lightweight and breathable; thus, it is great even if you have to wear it for a long time.

Photo credit: Twitter / @Ricoco_Nut

Its white color with light blue trim also appealed to netizens; although owning a pair would mean having the Makati logo on your shoe. Still, getting free shoes is already quite great – but getting cool shoes for free is even better!

Photo credit: Twitter / @anthonette_may

Who would have thought that a pair of shoes named after a politician and given by a local government would actually trend on social media in a positive way, eh?

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