Aiko Melendez Appeals to Netizens to Stop ******* Former Husband Jomari Yllana and Present Partner, Claims Being the Happiest to See Them Happy

Wildflower” star Aiko Melendez is happy to know that ex-husband Jomari Ylanna is going to be a father to the baby of his present partner Joy Reyes.  She claimed to be sincerely happy for them so she appealed to netizens to stop ******* the couple as it will no longer be possible for her and Jomari to be lovers again.

During the finale press conference of “Wildflower” on January 31, Aiko refuted speculations that she will file a case against Jomari after learning that he and Joy were expecting a baby. She claimed that her marriage with Jomari had been annulled long time ago and people should stop dreaming about seeing them together.

Photo: aikomelendez/Instagram

On February 2, Aiko took her feelings to social media as she gave her final statement in a Facebook post.  Aiko wrote:

“They get to ask you any issues, questions about anything. I was asked, ‘Ms. Aiko, ano po reaction niyo manganganak na partner ni Jomari?”

“Without any hesitation, no bitterness, hatred, no showbiz answer…”

“I said, ‘I am sincerely happy because a baby is always a blessing.”

“That answer is purely sincere lalo na when the topic is about a baby.”

Aiko expressed to be worried about Joy’s delicate pregnancy as she knew how emotional a woman can get when pregnant so she requested the press people not to ask any romantic question about her and Jomari.  She added that she is also a mother of 2 children and knew that their baby will give them so much pride and joy.

Being in the showbiz industry, Aiko shared that she remained silent about what she and Jomari had gone through in the past because she wanted to protect their son. As a mother, she had to sacrifice her feelings so Andre won’t get affected. And if there’s one person who knew her pains and hurts, she said it would be Ogie Diaz, her manager.  But amidst all the issues, Ogie likewise opted to remain silent.

Photo: aikomelendez/Instagram

Since her marriage with Jomari had been annulled, Aiko emphasized in her post that they are now both single.  That’s why she’s quite wondering why others are pulling intrigues between her, Jomari and Joy.

“So, technically speaking, we are both single… So, I really don’t get the logic here why sue Jomari for having a baby?”

“I have no right and even if I have the right, it’s never my nature to retaliate by attacking someone publicly…”

On the other hand, Aiko also refuted rumors that she’s not happy with Jomari’s relationship with Joy. She claimed to be the happiest when Jomari is at his happiest and that’s coming from her heart and not just for show. She then appealed to netizens to stop ******* Jomari and stop comparing her with Joy.

Meanwhile, Aiko admitted being happy in a relationship with someone she chooses not to reveal the identity as of now. She said they are enjoying each other’s company and wanted to keep their relationship private for the meantime to avoid intrigues.  But time will come, Aiko assured that she will introduce her special someone to the public.

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