A Trapped OFW in a Ghost Town in Syria Needs Immediate Help From the Government

Some people think that those who are working as Overseas Filipino Workers are living a luxurious and spoiled life abroad. Contrary to what others think, these modern-day heroes are sacrificing their happiness once they decided to work in another country. They are living miles away from their families just to give their loved ones a more comfortable life.

While others are thinking that these OFWs are buying things that they fancy and are having the time of their lives, these Pinoy workers are working several hours in a day without a break. There are also others who are suffering at the hands of their employers. The number of OFWs pleading to go back to their families in the country after suffering from physical, mental, and sexual ***** is increasing every day.

This is a similar case for Pinay domestic helper Neth Tanedo Magdasoc.

[Image Credit: Wo Ai Ni / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Wo Ai Ni / Facebook]

In the Middle of a War

Neth used to work as a household helper in Syria before the civil war in the country started. Due to the constant bombing in the area, Neth, along with other OFWs, cannot leave the country.

The place where they are currently situated is like a ghost town. All of the windows and doors are always closed to avoid rebels from entering the area.

Takot na takot na po ako. Gusto ko na po makauwi sa pamilya ko.

[Image Credit: Wo Ai Ni / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Wo Ai Ni / Facebook]

Where is the Embassy?

In the video she posted, Neth explained that they already tried asking assistance from the embassy to return to their families in the Philippines. However, the embassy is not doing anything to help them at all.

Because of the airstrike and bombing in Syria, the trapped OFWs do not have enough access to food. Because of starvation, they already lost weight.

[Image Credit: Wo Ai Ni / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Wo Ai Ni / Facebook]
The government should act immediately and rescue our Kababayans in Syria. We hope that the Department of Labor and Employment and the Philippine Overseas Labor Offices can do something to bring back our OFWs as fast as they can.

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