A Netizen Says Nothing But Praises For Xander Ford Whom She Met During His Stay in Samar

After his life-changing transformation, Xander Ford, formerly known as Marlou Arizala of the boyband group Hasht5 earned the curiosity of people. After his photos undergoing plastic surgery surfaced the internet, netizens cannot stop wondering what his new face will be like.

Xander did not only change his appearance to change his overall look, but rather to feel good about himself after the surgery. He underwent chin augmentation and rhinoplasty as well as a series of total enhancement procedures for his #ArtistaGoals changes.

[Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]

Life Before His Surgery

Before his claim to fame, Xander is just a typical teenager who suffered from acne while growing up. When he started with his former boy band, people started pointing out how severe his acne was. There are even others who resorted to comparing him with a pinipig crunch.

[Image Credit: Marlou Arizala Official / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Marlou Arizala Official / Facebook]

Attitude Changes After Looking Good

After showing off his totally new look, people were surprised at how great the surgery turned out to be. After achieving his #ArtistaGoals look, he transformed from a typical teenager to an actor and endorser. He got a lot of bookings and guest appearances. People started to follow his footsteps.

But his new looks came with a price. People started to point out that Xander is already showing signs of arrogance and overconfidence. His body shaming video surfaced along with his rift with talent manager Ogie Diaz. Last November, he suddenly disappeared and revealed that he’s tired and needs some time off.

[Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]

Different Side of Xander

But a Facebook post by Jheanniver Cablao Nablo might change the way you see the young man. She had nothing but praises for Xander.

According to Nablo, Xander is a very quiet person. He did not demand nor complain even if he didn’t have enough sleep. He’s just contented sitting in the corner while reading other people’s comments about him.

Tahimik manla ha personal hi Xander Ford. Waray ngani reklamo or demands, Happy na kun ano iya mabulig iya parents ngan…

Posted by Jheanniver Cablao Nablo on Monday, February 26, 2018


There are always two sides to the story. We wish the best for Xander Ford and his family.

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