1, 2, 3, Say Cheese! Netizen’s Funny Driver’s License Photo Makes Everyone Laugh – In a Good Way!

Getting a driver’s license in the Philippines can be very exciting for first-time applicants. It is an important document that empowers an individual with certain responsibilities and abilities. You can also use your driver’s license as a government ID or proof of identification.

But the most important role of obtaining this license is that it gives you the freedom of owning and driving your own car. It also lets people know that your driving skills are at a level where you can ensure the safety of your passengers.

However, obtaining a driver’s license may not be easy. Other than the written and practical exam that you need to pass, you also need to fall in line and wait for the card to be processed. Some may find the latter harder because of the long line that most Land Transportation Offices have.

An Experience That Will Make You Laugh

A netizen shared his experience when he applied for his driver’s license. But instead of the normal rants that we often read, this story will surely put a smile on your face.

According to Facebook user Christopher Ng, he went to an LTO License Printing Center to have his photo taken. After the LTO personnel took his photo, he was informed that their computer did not accept his photo.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
Confused, Christopher asked what is the reason his photo failed. The personnel told him that the computer cannot detect his eyes and is giving an error message “eyes not open.” Since most Chinese have chinky eyes, Christopher just laughed it off and jokingly said that the computer is a racist.

After another round of picture taking, the computer finally accepted his photo.

What Christopher did will surely make you laugh. For his photo to pass, he opened his eyes really wide.

Read the whole story here:

At an LTO License Printing Center…Me: Pwede po ba ngumiti?LTO: Opo, basta bawal makita ngipin!Me: Hah? So pag…

Posted by Christopher Ng on Tuesday, February 27, 2018


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