Woman Warns Netizens to Avoid Crazy ‘White Lady of Landayan’, Shares Horrific Experience

In a number of areas in the Philippines, you can find a lot of people living in the streets. And there are some of these homeless people who are crazy, the literally crazy ones who lost their minds from living in the streets for so long or for some other reason.

Mary Joy Calimquim Jandi shared a horrific experience with one of these crazy street people.

According to Mary Joy, she was a victim of the so-called “White Lady of Landayan” in Landayan, San Pedro in Laguna. While the ‘white lady’ in Philippine mythology refers to the supernatural creature that appears as a lady in white, this infamous White Lady of Landayan is actually a crazy woman who loves to wear all-white clothes.

Photo credit: Mary Joy Calimquim Jandi / Facebook

In her Facebook post, Mary Joy warned other people to beware when in Landayan as the crazy woman is actually violent.

She was just walking at Elvinda when she crossed paths with the crazy woman. Without any provocation from her, the ‘White Lady’ smashed a rock on her head! This lead to injuries that were, thankfully, not fatal but things could have been worse for Mary Joy.

Photo credit: Mary Joy Calimquim Jandi / Facebook

The poor victim said that the barangay tanods (village watchmen) were unable to handle this crazy woman and did not catch her. Mary Joy thinks it is best for the crazy woman to be caught and kept in jail; sadly, unless someone files a case against her, she can’t be jailed. Moreover, because she’s crazy, she can’t even face the criminal cases in court.

Knowing that it is very likely the ‘White Lady’ would never be kept in jail, Mary Joy just warned people to be vigilant.

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