Woman Saves Enough Money on 52-Week Challenge to Visit Cambodia, Australia, and Some Philippine Islands

By now, you have probably heard of the 52-week challenge and how it is helping a lot of people save money; although many of us have also failed miserably in completing that challenge for various reasons.

As 2018 begins, let’s all be inspired to save by this awesome story of a woman who was able to save enough money on the 52-week challenge that she was able to visit not just some islands in the Philippines but also Cambodia and Australia! Cool, isn’t it?

Photo credit: Stella Marie Encina / Her Brave Soul

Stella Marie Encina shares on her blog, Her Brave Soul, how she was able to travel to Cebu, twice to Boracay, then to Siem Reap, and Australia using the money she saved from the 52-week challenge.

What’s more inspiring is that this was her third year of completing the money challenge, all of which she was able to complete.

Photo credit: Stella Marie Encina / Her Brave Soul

It did help a lot that she didn’t have a family to support, she has a stable income from managing the family business, and has invested her money back when she was younger; thus, she’s got plenty of money to spare.

Photo credit: Stella Marie Encina / Her Brave Soul

But Stella wrote:

The point of saving is not to dwell on how much you earn or what remains in your pocket after paying your dues but your drive to make big or small savings for an extended period. It is true- Consistency is Key.

So, whether you are doing the 100.00 or 1.00 challenge, I will be cheering you on! It does not matter how small you save. What matters is what you do with it.

And also, if you want to do it – do it now! Trust me; you will not regret it. Not at all!

Just by looking at the photos she shared on her blog post, indeed saving that much money can be truly rewarding! I bet many of us feel more inspired to save now after these photos.

Photo credit: Stella Marie Encina / Her Brave Soul

Of course, as Stella pointed out, people have different priorities. She was just lucky that her savings can be used to fund these trips but it would still be a good idea to save, even if you are doing it for something else.

After all, the savings could help you get out of bad debt at the end of this year. Who knows? Perhaps your 52-week challenge next year will be for fun vacations? Good luck!

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