Teacher Gets Bashed for Calling Student ‘Bobo’ on Social Media, Gets Schooled after Defending Self

A teacher in the Philippines recently went viral on social media after she called her student ‘bobo’ (a derogative term for ‘slow learner’).

In a post that has since been deleted, a certain Rox Xie bashed angrily called her student as ‘bobo’, revealing that the student had questioned her teaching skills.

“Hindi daw ako magaling magturo… Hindi ba pwedeng bobo ka lang talaga?? Sisihin mo pa ako.”

Photo credit: Manila Trends

While this was certainly her own Facebook page and she’s entitled to rant all she wanted, the post did not sit well with a lot of netizens who believe that she should have been more patient. Also, as a teacher, it is important that she maintain her professionalism and keep her rants to herself, not post about it on social media.

One netizen got irked so much by the post that she schooled the teacher for the social media gaffe, especially after the said teacher actually tried to defend herself – and her friends even egged her on, telling her they support her all the way and are willing to actually hurt the student on her behalf. Sad, really.

Photo credit: Manila Trends

Of course, it is actually quite possible that the student was difficult to deal with but a number of netizens believe this still does not mean she should post something like this on Facebook, even if she didn’t name this particular student.

And imagine a student getting ganged on by a bunch of adults, just for being a slow learner and difficult to deal with? That’s really troubling!


What do you think of the post and the subsequent social media circus it brought?

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