Someone Buys Php7-Million Champagne Bottle during New Year’s Eve Countdown at Cove Manila

In a country wherein majority of the citizens are below poverty line, buying a bottle of wine and drinking Starbucks coffee are already considered a luxury but this does not stop the uber-rich guys from splurging on the most expensive things that money can buy, anyway.

We really can’t fault them, of course, as that is their own money to blow.

Now, remember that guy who blew Php1.2 million on exotic food and vintage drinks at a casino restaurant a couple of months ago? Well, someone just broke his record during the New Year’s Eve countdown at Cove Manila.

Touted as ‘largest indoor beach club and night club in Metro Manila’, Cove Manila was a popular choice among rich partygoers who wanted to welcome the New Year with a bang — and it was the place where someone just made a local record for buying the most expensive bottle of drink.

Photo credit: World Luxury Association

If you think the guy who spent Php1.2 million was ‘crazy’ for spending so much money on wine and exotic food alone, then your head will spin over this person who bought a bottle of champagne from the club for Php7 million! Can you believe that?

Cove Manila announced that it sold its first bottle of Armand de Brignac Midas “right as we were counting down to 2018.” The 30-liter drink was billed as the “world’s most expensive champagne”.

We just sold the first 7 million peso Armand de Brignac Midas in the Philippines! Another night in history was made when the prestigious 30-liter bottle was purchased right as we were counting down to 2018!

The only one of its kind in the country sold first at Cove Manila! Cheers to festive and grand celebrations, we can’t wait to pop more bottles with all of you this year!! 🥂🎉

Photo credit: International Beverage Network

In a post on the official Instagram page of Cove Manila, several partygoers could be seen dancing around as they paraded the expensive bottle of champagne around. It is said that this drink has ‘hints of vanilla and baked pastry’, ABS-CBN News reported.

Who could the mystery buyer be? Cove Manila refused to name the buyer or give a hint about his/her nationality but whoever bought that bottle of drink was super-duper rich – because one can already buy a fleet of cars with that money! Whew.

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