Sharon Cuneta Shares Photos of Flowers and Gifts She Got from a ‘Secret’ Friend

The ‘Megastar’ Sharon Cuneta recently shared a photo of the flowers she received from a ‘secret’ friend. The bouquet also came with other gifts from her birthday on January 6 but she refused to reveal the identity of this person.

According to Sharon, she loved the flowers as these came in her favorite colors which are the colors of Easter. Moreover, the bouquet also arrived with special Louis Vuitton notebooks and travel books, all of which were about her favorite cities.

Photo credit: @reallysharoncuneta / Insgtagram

Whoever sent these gifts knew Sharon’s favorites and was able to give her the best things she could ever receive from a friend but the Megastar hints that the flowers and gifts were also some sort of peace offering, leaving her fans wondering who this person might be.

These beautiful flowers in some of my most favorite colors (they are the colors of Easter!) came today with these special Louis Vuitton notebooks and travel books (all in my list of my top favorite cities too!) as birthday gifts from somebody I am happy to have just been blessed to reconnect with after what seemed like forever.💖😊👩🏻💻🌺💐🌸🌷💕 God truly IS good.

And the New Year is always a good time to renew ties, or pick up from where you left off, or even just erase all the bad in the past, keep only the good, and start with a clean slate to write a brand new story. A friendship between showbiz folk is hard to find, and even harder to keep.

Photo credit: @reallysharoncuneta / Insgtagram

I hope this time she and I will be stronger.😊 One day, of course you’ll know who it is I write about; the one I am “secretly” friends with now because I guess she and I want to protect this friendship that we hope will have a fair chance of lasting this time.

Allowing “memas” (“me masabi” langs) to express their opinions is not welcome as of now.😊 What another great start to 2018. Out with negativity and sadness. In with only the good, true, and beautiful! Be blessed, everyone!

Be humble enough to forgive and ask for forgiveness when you know you should. When you are hesitant do to something, be smart and sensitive enough to realize that maybe it’s your pride talking and not your core, your heart.

When in doubt, do what you know is right. That’s rarely ever wrong! God bless us all! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👩🏻💻😊😘🤗️💕💚👍🏻🌸🌺💐💖🌷Swipe left!

Photo credit: @reallysharoncuneta / Insgtagram

Do you have any idea who this ‘secret’ friend might be? It’s definitely not her former flame Robin Padilla as she specifically mentioned that the friend is a ‘she’…

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