Sharon Cuneta Finally Admits Marriage with Kiko Pangilinan ‘Almost’ Ended Last Year

In 2017, a lot of rumors circulated that ‘Megastar’ Sharon Cuneta’s marriage with Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan was on the rocks and that they had already been living in separate homes for months.

The two would continually deny this to the media but on January 7, 2018, Sharon finally admitted to the public that their marriage ‘almost’ ended last year.

All-star Sunday afternoon variety show ASAP threw a birthday bash for the Megastar who celebrated her birthday the previous day. The show was peppered with a number of surprises, including the serenade done by her younger daughters Frankie and Miel.

Together with their son, Miguel, Kiko cut in the middle of the song to also surprise the actress.

Congratulations! We’re very proud of you. We love you,” the senator told his wife.

But the moment of truth came when Sharon was given the chance to thank the people who had been part of her life and career. She named several people in the showbiz industry, friends, and other folks who had helped her through thick and thin.

People noted, however, that her message to her husband of over 20 years was a revelation of what they had actually been through the past year and a confirmation to the rumors.

Kiko, thank you. We’ve been through so much, so very much. We almost lost each other last year. I praise God that the family is together and the children are happy,” a tearful Sharon told her husband.

The heartfelt message really stood out from all the rest her ‘thank you’ messages even as the Megastar also thanked her children for being her life and joy.

A grateful Kiko would turn to social media to post a message to his wife, saying this birthday was extra special after the turmoil they experienced.

Photo credit: @kiko.pangilinan / Instagram

Happy birthday to my sweetheart of nearly 24 years! This birthday is extra special because it comes at a time when after a period of setbacks, heartaches, pain, after a truly challenging period you have not just survived but have triumphed. I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished knowing the countless treacherous mountains you had to climb and the many horrible dragons you had to slay to do so.

I pray for your good health, your safety and protection, your success and most importantly your happiness always. I know everlasting love is not easy and yet here we are still committed to try with all our hearts to make it happen and doing so one day at a time. With God’s grace, love, our love for one another, will conquer all.

I will always be here for you cheering you on. Finding ways, day in and day out, to look out for you, to care for you, to make things right with and for you and to love you, dearly, truly, wholeheartedly now, always, forever.

He posted the message on Instagram, accompanied by a collage of their photos –and fans are hoping their smiles were genuine and full of real love this time…

Editor’s Note: As of press time, Definitely Filipino BUZZ is unable to embed the video on our page. [Click here] to watch Sharon’s admission on the video posted on the ABS-CBN report.

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