Reunion of High School Batch ’82 Goes Viral after Class Returns to School Wearing Their Uniforms

While high school is considered to be among the most difficult times in a student’s life as he/she transitions from being an immature child to a matured adult through the rather awkward stages of teenage life, it is also considered by many to be among the most memorable stage in their life.

So, despite the level being the most awkward and embarrassing, it is also the most exciting – and people often return to their alma mater for the alumni homecoming as they enjoy trading stories about their crazy moments during high school.

And just like high school moments, high school reunions are also among the craziest and happiest school reunions of all.

Photo credit: Tess Rubillos / Walwal – Facebook

Recently, the reunion of a high school batch had gone viral after the class returned to school wearing their uniforms! LOL. Can you just imagine this bunch of ‘old’ people wearing school uniforms, with some even putting their hair in ‘young’ hairstyles such as pigtails? It’s really so cute to see these people having fun in their high school reunion.

Photos of the said get-together were shared on social media by the daughter of Tess Rubillos. The photos were reshared by Facebook page Walwal where it went viral.

Photo credit: Tess Rubillos / Walwal – Facebook

According to Rubillos who thanked the page for sharing the photos, the photos were taken during the 2018 Grand Alumni Homecoming which their class hosted together with Batch ’74. She said they came from HCHS but did not spell out the name of the school.

What do you think of these photos? Cool, right?

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