Queenie Padilla Defends PGT Judge Robin Padilla From Bashers, Claims Her Father is Not a Racist

Robin Padilla’s 25-year-old daughter Queenie had defended her father following a backlash from netizens who felt dismayed about how Robin treated a Korean contestant on Pilipinas Got Talent’s January 13 episode.  Bashers did not like the way how Robin confronted the contestant and thought that Robin is a racist.

Apparently, a Korean contestant named Kim Jiwan asked Robin to participate in the magic trick that he was about to perform. When Robin learned that he doesn’t know how to speak Filipino although he had been staying in the Philippines for 10 years, Robin denied his request.

Robin then continued speaking with Jiwan which caught the attention of the audience towards the contestant. Netizens thought that he was humiliated by Robin and that he doesn’t deserve it from a veteran actor whom many looked up to, more so that the show was shown on national television.

In an Instagram post on January 17, Queenie posted a screenshot of her father while hugging Jiwan. She wrote:

“Calling my father a racist, is wrong.”

“My father called Ji-Wan ‘anak’ and hugged him. Is that an act of racism?”

“Look at it this way, Ji-Wan asked Papa in an improper way, ‘can I use you?”

“I know Ji-Wan may have meant well and may have been nervous but I think that’s where my dad got offended.”

“That in itself is disrespectful whether or not my father is who he is, Ji-Wan is younger than him.”

“We should show respect to our elders.”

“The right way would have been to ask, ‘can you please help me?”

Photo credit: queeniepadillarevert/Instagram

However, Robin ended up participating with Jiwan’s trick together with PGT co-judge Angel Locsin. Both were impressed with his performance.

Meanwhile, Queenie also pointed out in her IG post that it would be unfair for netizens to call her father a racist and they should realize that Jiwan also had a fault as he did not approach Robin properly.  Queenie claimed that her father’s tone of voice may be harsh towards Jiwan but that’s Robin’s way even when he is disciplining them as his children.

Photo credit: queeniepadillarevert/Instagram

Jiwan will proceed to the next level of the competition after getting 3 “YES” from PGT judges Robin Padilla, Vice Ganda and Angel Locsin. On the other hand, Freddie M. Garcia (FMG) was not convinced of his performance.

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