Pinoy Netizen Gets Christmas Exchange Gift Wrapped in a ‘Block of Cement’

Hate wrapping? Can’t find your one roll of gift wrap? No worries! Skip the gift wrapping and hide your gift in a block of cement! Sure to surprise your friends!

Many of us use our imagination to be creative in giving gifts to our friends or loved ones.

But one Pinoy netizen took it to a whole new level.

Isko Anzures Santiago posted a video on Facebook of what seems to be a jackhammer chiseling down a block of cement.

Image via Isko Anzures Santiago’s Facebook Account

Now to the passerby netizen, this may seem dull and uninteresting. Luckily, Santiago added his caption for the sake of context, “Thank you very much Lemuel Ortega for the best and ‘easily opened’ exchange gift.

Santiago also posted three additional pictures wherein the block was chiseled down to the wire casing. They used pliers to cut down the wires, and lo and behold…

Maraming salamat Lemuel Ortega sa napaka ganda at napakadaling buksan na exchange gift mo sakin.😂Ivan Jethro Ortega Raaia Ileto-Ortega ang taba ng utak niyo!😂📷: Mat-Mat Anzures Santiago

Posted by Isko Anzures Santiago on Monday, January 1, 2018

Santiago received a pair of purple boxer briefs from Bench Body!

The post has gone viral since Tuesday, January 2, when it was posted. It has over 4.7K likes and 3K shares!

One netizen commented, “ When you’re kind for giving a gift but also evil for giving them a hard time .

In the end, everyone had a good laugh — even if it got a little impatient to chisel down his gift.

“The best gift a friend can give on Christmas is their friendship for the entire next year.”

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