Pinay Shares Typical Story of a Strong Independent Woman Not Rushing to Find Mr. Right

There is no definitive timeline for love, it all happens when it needs to.”

Pinay blogger Victoria “Vikki” Miranda, 32, is an expat Pinay who now lives and works in the Netherlands.

The popular Facebook group, @HumansOfAmsterdam, shared Miranda’s story on their webpage which received a lot of love and support from many global netizens who can relate to her story.

The post follows the typical Filipino upbringing. Miranda is the eldest of three children and she was laid the responsibility of helping her brothers through schooling. And like most young Filipinas, she was expected to get married.

“In the Philippines when you are 27 and single, people start to ask about when you are getting married.

I come from a middle-class family. In the Philippines middle-class means you eat 3 times a day. I have two younger brothers and in order for them to go to university I worked night shifts in a call centre to help pay for their tuition. During the day I would study and at night I would be working. 

For six years I would only sleep a few hours a night. After my graduation I got the opportunity to work abroad. I do miss home but for the first time in my life I work normal hours and I get to sleep at night and I even have time for hobbies. I’m starting to get into knitting and I love traveling and photography.

I’m 32 and it took me a long time to get where I am in life and I’m not even a little bit worried about getting married.”

"In the Philippines when you are 27 and single people start to ask about when you are getting married. I come from a…

Posted by Humans of Amsterdam on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Now, she takes pride in uploading her photo adventures on her online blog,

Miranda also posts her stunning photos on her Instagram, @tinyasiantraveler. Her last photo collage was during her holiday visit to Amsterdam.

She’s extremely grateful for “receiving so much love and support from all of you guys who follow @HumansOfAmsterdam” and wants to send fans postcards from Amsterdam, as a thank you.

“And don’t worry if you don’t get chosen because I’ll do this again in February. I wish everyone a great start of the year and a prosperous 2018!”

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