Pinay in the US Slams Filipino Call Center Agents, Calls Them Idiots Who Know How to Speak English

A Filipina living in the US recently earned the ire of the Filipino community after she slammed Filipino call center agents, calling them idiots who know how to speak English.

The woman was identified as a certain Jhenny Gacasa who posted the rant from somewhere in Mesquite, Texas.

In her post, Gacasa calls for the US to bring back call centers back to America and to employ 100% fluent English speakers because the ones she had talked to were clearly not Americans. She said that it was clear from these call center agents’ accent that they are from outside the US, and some were from the Philippines.

According to Gacasa who was clearly fuming, these call center agents might know how to speak English but they are idiots. She also said it was ***** of her time to be talking to the agent for over an hour but her issue wasn’t resolved because the call center agent didn’t seem to understand her problem.

Photo credit: Fred Amores / Facebook

“Bring call center back to America!!!!

Employ 100% Fluent speakers.

I can tell by the accent that they are from out of states and some are from the Philippines, its so frustrating because they CAN speak ENGLISH but DOESN’T seem to understand the problem or the issue. It is ABUSED OF MY TIME to be on the phone for freaking 1 hr and it suck!! MAKA ENGLISH LANG..TANGA NAMAN, KAASAR!



But instead of getting sympathy from netizens, she ended up getting slammed for her harsh words and demeaning rant against the call center agents from her home country.

Others laughed at her, calling her a ‘trying hard American’ as they pointed out that she was ranting about the call center agents supposedly being idiots but she made a mistake on her post, writing “It is ABUSED OF MY TIME to be on the phone for freaking 1 hr and it suck!!

Many also said that it was possible the call center agents did not understand what she was saying as she was probably speaking in a forced accent to act like an American.

These comments did not have evidence to back them up, of course, but these commenters were simply trying to defend the Filipino call center agents who are often described as among the best in the world!

What do you think of her rant?

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