OFW Raises Kids on Her Own after Husband Keeps Cheating, Becomes Inspiration to Netizens

It is a sad reality that a lot of families are broken because of infidelity; although there are still a lot who willingly accept their partners to keep the family intact and out of pity for their children who would have trouble growing up in a broken family.

In a post on KAMI, an OFW who works in Dubai shared the sad but inspiring story of her life.

Before Fe Borres Salalima became an OFW, she was a housewife who fully depended on her husband to meet the family’s needs. But even when they still had one child, he allegedly began cheating on her.

Photo credit: Fe Borres Salalima / KAMI

Not wanting to let her son grow up without a father, Fe forgave him. She would become pregnant again – and he would cheat again – and she would forgive him again. The cycle would be repeated many times, until the couple had 5 children.

It was only then that Fe came to her senses, realizing that she should find a way to support her children even if her husband was irresponsible and kept cheating on her.

Photo credit: Fe Borres Salalima / KAMI

It was in 2008 when Fe tried her luck as OFW. At the time, her eldest was already 15 years old while her youngest was still 2 years old.

She faced hardships at her job, with her employers not allowing her to use cellphones and not giving her a day off but she accepted everything and did not complain. She sent her remittance to her husband but he allegedly just spent the money on himself.

Photo credit: Fe Borres Salalima / KAMI

Deciding once and for all to stop playing a fool for her husband, Fe broke up with him for good and directly sent her money to her children. This was back in 2011.

She raised her children on her own since then; it was also at this time that her employers began to treat her much better and give her days off. The rest days increased with time and Fe stayed with her employers even as she raised her family from afar.

Photo credit: Fe Borres Salalima / KAMI

According to KAMI, Fe was able to buy a lot in the Philippines and is now looking forward to building a home for her family, without her cheating husband’s help. She continues to support her children even if her two elder sons already have families of their own.

Although her story was sad, a lot of netizens felt inspired with how Fe handled her life and how she is now experiencing success from being a hardworking OFW.

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