Netizens Slam Mother after 1-Year-Old Baby Choked on a Small Piece of Hotdog and Died

Parents and babysitters are always reminded to keep small things away from children because kids have the tendency to put things in their mouths and these small things could lead to them choking to death!

It is also very important that adults not leave the kids unattended because you can never tell if they would be up to some mischief and eat things they aren’t supposed to eat. But this warning is especially strong if the child is eating.

One mom from Balagtas, Bulacan learned the hard way what could happen to a child if left unattended while eating.

According to the mom, Grace Pariñas, in a report on GMA News TV, she was feeding her child with hotdogs that she had cut up to small pieces. But the 1-year-old girl appeared to be full already and spitting out the remaining hotdogs she was giving.

Photo credit: Huffington Post

Thinking that the child had already spat out all of the hotdogs, Grace left the kid at the dining table while she went upstairs to get something. Perhaps the kid took another piece of hotdog from the table or has not spat out all the hotdogs because when the mom came downstairs some minutes later, the baby was already turning purple and was having difficulty breathing.

The shocked mom didn’t know what to do, so she rushed the child to the hospital. Sadly, the baby was declared dead on arrival and could no longer be revived at the hospital.

Photo credit: GMA News TV / YouTube

The mother expressed regret that she didn’t just bring the child upstairs when she went up to get something. She also regretted giving hotdogs to the baby which lead to its untimely death.

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