Netizen Posts Pictures of a Tricycle Driver with Lice on His Shirt, Goes Viral on Social Media

Facebook user named Primo Onipa posted a series of photos and a video of a tricycle driver with lice on his shirt; the post had gone viral on social media.

He said on his post that the tricycle driver has bad breath and he noticed that there are many lice on his shirt. He speculated that the man didn’t change his shirt for over a year and that he did not take a bath.

Image: Primo Onipa

He also said “Wag kayo magalit, para madala yong mga tao na tamad maligo.” He said he just wanted to show it to the public.

Sumakay ako Tricycle kanina…grabe maliban sa sobrang baho hininga…tingnan niyo dami kuto sa damit niya gumagalaw pa…

Posted by Primo Onipa on Monday, January 8, 2018

The post reached over 6,400 reactions, 8,948 shares, and over 12,000 comments as of press time.

A lot of netizens tagged their friends and talked about the tricycle driver’s poor hygiene. Some are saying that he’s really disgusting.

While some are having a good laugh with the driver’s lice, some netizens weren’t amazed by the Facebook user’s post for ‘awareness’.

Some are saying that he could have approached the tricycle driver instead of taking a video without his consent and uploading it on social media.

Screengrab from Primo Onipa via Facebook

But a netizen said in defense of Primo, he said that he didn’t intend to embarrass the tricycle driver; rather he wants people especially drivers who are exposed with passengers should know proper hygiene and if they were in Primo’s situation, it was really hard to approach someone you just met and tell them they have lice on their head or they smell really bad.

Screengrab from Primo Onipa via Facebook

What about you, what would you do if you encountered a situation like this?

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