Mom Lets Baby Play on Roof of Tricycle, Gets Slammed by Netizens after Tricycle Overtakes Jeep

While it is true that letting your kids do whatever they want can help them develop independence, there is also a limit to what you should actually let them do – especially if such things are already dangerous!

A lot of netizens have expressed anger after a video recently surfaced, showing a mother who was letting her baby play on the roof of a moving tricycle. The kid is estimated to be around aged 1 to 2.

Photo credit: Kerbz Alvarez / Facebook

It was possible that the kid was hyperactive and that the mom could no longer think of ways to entertain the kid during the trip; thus, she let him play on the roof but she must have failed to realize the danger she was putting the child into, especially because the kid could easily fall off the roof even if she was holding his clothes.

What made netizens especially angry was when the driver even overtook a jeep! It was clear that the driver also didn’t think of the danger such a move would do to the child; although some netizens believe these two are actually the child’s parents.

The video was taken in San Juan, Batangas in the Philippines.

Photo credit: Kerbz Alvarez / Facebook

Netizens have called for the mom to be punished for her irresponsible actions but others also slammed the person who took the video, saying they could have told the parents about the dangers of letting the child play on the roof of the moving tricycle instead of just posting the video on social media.

Watch the video here and tell us what you think:

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