Megan Young Celebrates 7th Anniversary with Mikael Daez

While a lot of celebrity couples fault their relationships and couldn’t seem to get enough of the publicity they are getting from the media, there are those who actually try to shy away from the limelight.

Megan Young and Mikael Daez are among those who had kept a low profile that many people had no idea they were even an item! People were rather surprised to learn last year that these two were in a relationship because neither of them had posted something about the other that could have been interpreted by fans.

Photo credit: Rappler

When Mikael finally revealed their relationship in February 2017, a lot of people expressed surprise about it. At the time, they had already been together for 6 years.

According to Mikael, they had not really intended to keep their relationship a secret for so long but because they had been busy with their respective careers and got used to staying low key, they just hadn’t thought of making a big fuss about it anymore.

Photo credit: Megan Young / Instagram

Perhaps some fans might have noticed that there was something special going on between them, especially because they had long been posting photos of them being ‘travel buddies’ but most still could not believe that they were an item until Mikael confirmed it.

After that big reveal, the two had become more vocal about their relationship.

Photo credit: Megan Young / Instagram

On their 7th anniversary which also coincides on Mikael’s 30th birthday, Megan sent a public greeting for her beloved via her Instagram account.

Happy birthday to my best friend, travel buddy, gym buddy, and FOFO 😜️ big three zero for this guy. And… For us it’s year number 7⃣ together! 😍 Always such a happy day with this loverbutt ☕️,” Megan wrote.

Happy birthday, Mikael! And congratulations to you both on your anniversary.

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