Makati Taxi Driver Sprays Downy for Car Freshener

A taxi driver in Makati City surprised his passenger for having an open packet of a Downy sachet in the vehicle.

Kassy Pajarillo rode a taxi on January 3 after her Uber ride cancelled on her. She said that the driver, Jun Quiao, was driving a humble Vios 2012.

Soon as I stepped in, I couldn’t help but compliment how pleasant and nice his ride is despite knowing he’s driving an oldie but goodie Vios 2012 (it was jerking a little),” Parajillo wrote in her Facebook post. 

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Kassy Pajarillo’s Facebook post

Pajarillo soon noticed an entire pack of Downy sachet opened out on the middle compartment of the front seats.

She told Quiao, “Kuya, dami mo Downy ah, raket?

He said that he’s using in as pampabango, or freshener, for his car, “Anti-bac pa. No chemicals kesa yung mga car fresheners na yan.

Pajarillo couldn’t quite understand how his system worked and said, “Ha? Ganito lang, bukas lang tapos tinanggal mo laman?” Quiao then showed Pajarillo how his “system” worked.

Kuya grabs his DIY spray and sprayed in front of his aircon.

I rode a taxi this afternoon since my uber driver canceled on me. Soon as I stepped in, I couldn't help but compliment…

Posted by Kassy Pajarillo on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Quiao goes on to say that the Downy sachets are better than car fresheners, “Hindi, ito yan. Ganito. *Spray spray* bango diba? Hindi pa sasakit ilong mo at hindi babaho aircon mo.

The practical taxi driver says, “Pwede pa pampunas pang anti-bac sa kotse. Hindi maluluma kotse mo o.

Pajarillo was so impressed by kuya, he says that a lot of people are actually copying his style.

He wants Downy to see how he uses their product, “Sana manalo na ako ng Downy. Pajarillo agreed with him and gave him a tip.

Sige kuya, makakarating. Oh, ito, bigyan kita tip, pambili mo pa ng Downy.

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