Maid Steals Php300k and Gadgets, Warns Family She’s Supposed to Kidnap Their Son

A family living in Pasay City happily went to Davao for a vacation during the Christmas break, leaving their trusted maid of 6 months by herself at their home. The maid had been good and honest for the past months that they trusted her.

But after the trip, the family was shocked to find the maid, identified as Estellita de Castro Medina, was nowhere to be found – and their things were in disarray, signifying that the woman had gone through them in search for stuff she could take.

CCTV footage taken inside the house showed the woman repeatedly going to the master’s bedroom carrying plastics bags filled with stuff. Then, she was seen casually going out of the house, carrying a large trolley bag and other small bags.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News / TV Patrol

Cops were called to investigate the incident. According to the family, the maid had stolen at least Php300,000 in cash plus other valuables, including jewelry, gadgets, and some items they bought as Christmas gifts.

The maid also took the Php5,000 cash placed in the wallet of the boss’ young son. What’s alarming is that she also took the .22 caliber gun owned by her boss.

Possibly feeling remorseful over what she had done, Estellita left her bosses a note to ask forgiveness for what she had done. She also revealed that she was supposed to kidnap the boy for their syndicate but chose to just steal the things as she didn’t want anyone go get hurt.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News / TV Patrol

But the family was furious with what she had done, even if she had supposedly spared their son from getting kidnaped! The couple filed a report at the Pasay City Police Station. They are planning to file a case of qualified theft and grave threat against the maid.

According to the news report on ABS-CBN News, the agency assured the couple they will assist with the investigation to help them find the maid.

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