“Luningning” Manages Own Fitness Studio after “Wowowee” ended in 2010

Have you ever wondered what happened to Luningning after “Wowowee” ended in 2010?

Luningning was among the dancers of the famous afternoon show “Wowowee”.  Because of Luningning’s innate beauty and talent in dancing, she became a household name that even small kids knew her and had imitated the way she moves.  But where is Luningning after the show?

Photo credit: luningning21/Instagram

Aside from some TV guesting,  Luningning is now a successful businesswoman.  She is the owner of Stardanz Fitness Studio which offers different types of fitness exercises like Pilates, Belly Dance, Kali Pole, Aerial Silk, Hoops, Dance Fitness, Stilletos and Jazz Dance.

Photo credit: luningning21/Instagram

Wowowee was hosted by Willie Revillame and was first aired via ABS-CBN Channel 2 on February 5, 2005.  It became a big part of the lives of the Filipinos as they’ve found joy and laughter while watching the show.  Many were also inspired and had felt hopeful since “Wowowee” was giving generous prices to its audience and contestants.

On and off camera, the show’s co-stars had considered and treated each other like a family.  They worked as a team and everyone was seen enjoying what they do. In 2010, the audience cannot believe when they announced that the show was going to end.

Luningning’s real name is Lea Carla Santos.  She hailed from Cabuyao, Laguna.

Photo credit: luningning21/Instagram

The 33-year-old dancer had also been featured in several men’s magazines including FHM Philippines and Maxim magazine in 2008 while dancing in Wowowee.

As of this writing, Luningning remained to be single and is a devoted and sweet “tita” to his nephews.

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