Lost in a New Place and Unsure How to Get Back Home? Here’s How to Use the Yellow Kilometer Markers at the Highway

Do you know how to use the yellow kilometer markers on the road to get back to Manila or to some place in your region?

A lot of Filipinos wonder what those yellow markers with numbers and letters on the road mean; although most don’t really bother trying to find out. For sure, those markers meant something but with typical Pinoy attitude, who really cares what those markers meant, eh?

Well, you should care because just in case you get lost or, God forbid, kidnapped and dumped somewhere far from your home, you can at least find a way to get back if you see these yellow markers on the road.

The markers are really called milestones; although it is best to use ‘kilometer markers’ in the Philippine since the numbers are in kilometers, not miles.

Now, in the island of Luzon (Yes! Luzon has a ‘mainland’ which is actually one big, long island…) Kilometer 0 (zero) is located at the Luneta Park where you can find the resting place of the national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

In other areas, the zero-kilometer marker often lies in the capital city of that particular province.

For instance, in the photo below, the marker means the spot is 44 km away from Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental. The marker is 27 kilometers from Murcia, a town next to Bacolod.

Photo credit: Buzzer Joy

It is important to take note of that so you will know the reference point.

Someone took the time to write a very informative post about how you can use the kilometer markers to get back home.

Check it out:


If you are on a deserted highway and you see no transportation vehicle at all, start walking. Look for a kilometre post. Yes, that yellow stone marker on the side of the road.

For example, you see a kilometre post as in the picture, but the road is deserted, no tricycle, no vehicles, no people. How do you read the marker? KM 340 means you are 340 kilometers away from Luneta, Manila.

D2 means the kilometre post is 2 kilometers away from the center of a town which name starts with a letter D. It could be Daet in Camarines Norte or Damortis in La Union. If you are good in geography, you would guess that it’s Daet because Damortis is less that 300 kilometers from Luneta. Otherwise, you do not know.

Photo credit: Nostalgia Philippines / Oscar Jagna Isko‎ – Facebook

But there is something else you can do: Face the road with the kilometre post on your left and start walking. In such orientation, you are walking towards Manila. If you face the road with the kilometre post on your right, it means you are walking away from Manila.

Walk a kilometre and find the next kilometre post. If the figure is KM 339 it confirms that you are walking towards Manila.

Read the next figures. If it says D3, it means you are walking away from the town center. You now have a choice to go back to reach the center of the town and get transport. If it says D1, you are lucky because you are walking towards the town center, and you could find help there.

Hope this helps!

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