Guy Confirms Manuel Roxas ‘Went on a Vacation’, Finds the Hero on ‘Mountain Trip’ in Misprinted Php100 Bill

Last week, netizens were abuzz over Manuel Roxas ‘going on a vacation’ after his face was gone in several Php100 bills posted by netizen Earla Anne Yehey. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) confirmed that the notes were not fake but were products of a misprint, something that rarely makes it to circulation.

But netizens could not help but make jokes about the faceless money, saying the hero had gone on a trip to relax for a while after being ‘on duty’ for decades as the face of the Php100 bill. Many suggested that Roxas went to join some family reunion or even went on a vacation to some tourist spot in the country.

After all, Roxas was ‘missing’ in the bills which Yehey had withdrawn on Christmas Day. He surely went on a trip.

Netizens Joke about Manuel Roxas ‘Taking a Vacation’ after Woman Withdraws Faceless Money from ATM

On New Year’s Eve, however, one eagle-eyed netizen finally found Roxas’ whereabouts: he’s been to Albay to visit the famed Mayon Volcano! LOL.

Another misprint caused the face part of the bill to be printed on this money’s back part, resulting in Roxas’ face seemingly ‘taking a vacation’ at the country’s most beautiful mountain renowned for its perfect cone.

Photo credit: Emmanuel Claudio Constantino / Facebook

Of course, this is just a misprint on the bill and still legal tender; however, BSP encouraged the public to return such bills and have these exchanged at BSP offices or any bank. If you find similar misprints, you have to return it but a number of netizens also suggested to keep the money because this could be bought for a large sum by collectors.

But what’s really important here is that we can all rest now, knowing the ‘missing’ Roxas has been found… LOL.