Girl Prepares Powerpoint Presentation Explaining to Her Crush Why He Should Like Her

We have different ways to show our love or affection towards our boyfriends or crushes; some write letters, some do blogs but one girl made a unique way to convince her crush to date her – a Powerpoint presentation.

Yes, you read it right. Facebook user Marí Arceo prepared a simple Powerpoint presentation for her crush.

Image via Mari Arceo’s Facebook account

Based on her Facebook status, it all started when she greeted a ‘Happy New Year’ to her crush but left her message on ‘seen’. She joked about making a Powerpoint presentation why he should like her.

Her very supportive friends challenged her to actually do it in the comment section thinking that she can’t do it and she’s just fooling around.


Posted by Marí Arceo on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

However, she did make it and even posted a screenshot of their convo to prove that she indeed made and sent a powerpoint to her crush, entitled ‘Why You Should Date Me’.

She included pictures showing how she looks changed for the better every five years and even included an evolution and ‘theory of bombness’.

Image via Mari Arceo’s Facebook account
Image via Mari Arceo’s Facebook account

She also put some pros of dating her. She said that she was small so she’s portable and he can take her anywhere. Another advantage of dating her is because she’s not stupid. In fact, she’s trying to become a pilot.

Image via Mari Arceo’s Facebook account
Image via Mari Arceo’s Facebook account
Image via Mari Arceo’s Facebook account

She said that the person whom she sent the powerpoint knows that it was only a joke and they are very good friends. She also said that she just wanted to give a fun start and a good laugh to her friends at the start of the year.

Netizens indeed had a good laugh with Mari’s wit and sense of humour. In fact, her post reached over 44,000 reactions and over 23,000 shares press time.

However, despite her unique way of giving ideas on why her crush should date her, her crush didn’t like her back, but she doesn’t give up because she can also try again on Chinese New Year. HAHAHA!

Screen captured from Mari Arceo’s Facebook Profile

“Binibigyan pa kita ng isa pang pagkakataon para gustuhin ako” (I’m still giving you a year to like me)

Go, Marí! We’re here to support you!

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