Fearsome Village Thug’s Life Changed by an Abandoned Baby He Saved

In the Philippines, there are people who become ‘king’ of the village but are actually thugs who are just using their mean attitudes to incite fear in the other residents. These evil thugs often get away with their meanness because the others fear they might die if they report these bad men to the cops.

That was the life led by Hernando Caja, a man who was feared by the people in his village. He didn’t have a job and had no family. He would spend his days terrorizing the neighborhood with his goons. He’s the perfect example of a man who would most likely end up **** or in jail sooner or later.

Photo credit: Vicks Philippines / Facebook

But his life would change when he saved a baby abandoned by his neighbor.

The young woman just left the baby inside her house which was right next to Hernando’s home.

At first, he was so angry about the crying baby next door as it wouldn’t let him sleep but the two eventually ended up asleep at that house, in peace.

Photo credit: Vicks Philippines / Facebook

The following day, he tried to give away the child to the other people in the neighborhood but everyone refused. No one wants the child, especially one he was offering them even if they knew the baby wasn’t his but that of his neighbor who apparently abandoned it.

He might be a thug but Hernando wasn’t a killer. Faced with this forced responsibility, he went to the store to buy food and diapers for the baby.

The child mellowed him down. He and his friends would still attempt to terrorize the neighborhood but with the baby with them, that was impossible to do. Hernando grew to love the baby so much that actually forced himself to change his ways – and even found a job so he could support the child! Isn’t that wonderful?

The real-life Hernando with his adopted son, Rhyz
Photo credit: Vicks Philippines / Facebook

People said that he had saved the child’s life but Hernando believes the boy made his life worth living. He has since legally adopted baby Rhyz. Their story was featured in an ad by Vicks.

Grab a box of tissues before watching this tear-jerking video:

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