Family Orders Php7k Lechon, Receives Skin-and-Bones Lechon that Didn’t Even Reach 5kg

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve celebrations are among the best times for Filipinos to enjoy family reunions and have fun together, sharing a feast at midnight. In many households, there’s lechon to celebrate the occasion.

One family in Quezon City ordered lechon from a popular lechon store, placing an online order for a Php7,000 roasted pig that was supposed to be good for 60-70 persons.

According to netizen Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim, they ordered from Mila’s Lechon and were asked to pay Php400 as delivery fee but they did not mind the extra charge. The rider did not give them a receipt.

Photo credit: Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim / Facebook

But the family was quite shocked when they opened the packaging, only to find out that their supposedly big lechon worth Php7,000 was a grotesque skin-and-bones lechon!

The skin was not even crispy and it was so small that instead of an apple, one of Noy’s cousin put a tomato at the pig’s mouth, instead.

Photo credit: Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim / Facebook

The family could not believe that they received such a thin lechon, especially considering that Mila’s Lechon is a big name in the industry. An aunt got a weighing scale and they were even more dismayed to find the pig did not even weigh 5kg – and that was already including the bamboo tray it was placed on!

Dismayed over what they received, Noy posted photos on social media and also called Mila’s Lechon to complain. He spoke with Aika Salanguit who was supposedly the owner’s granddaughter.

They were told by Aika that they can keep the lechon and would get refunded with Php5,500 that the rider would bring to their house the following day but it took several days before they even got the refund – and only for Php3,500 which they did not accept.

Photo credit: Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim / Facebook

According to Noy, they are planning to file a case against Mila’s Lechon unless the dealer ‘cooperates’ with them.

The post went viral, as with the other lechon in Bacolod City that went viral because it was filled with leaves and did not have ribs.

Netizens made jokes about the thin lechon of Noy’s family, saying the pig was already on diet because it wants to be slim for 2018. Others said that the pig was stressed out because it knew it was going to be cooked for Christmas; thus, it became thin. LOL.


Mila’s Lechon conducted an initial investigation on the matter and discovered it was a scam. Read more about it on this update:

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