Donaire Takes a Break from Training to Give 100 Homes to Typhoon Victims, Plans to Give 1,000 More

Proving that he’s not just a champion in the ring but also in helping others in need, world boxing champion Nonito Donaire, Jr. takes a break from his training as he flew to the Philippines with his wife so they can give 100 homes to victims of Typhoon ‘Yolanda’. He also plans to give at least 1,000 more! Isn’t that admirable?

Donaire is set to fight Carl Frampton but after learning that the homes were ready for the turnover, he took a quick break from training and flew to the Philippines last Wednesday. On Thursday, he and his wife flew to Iloilo for the turnover ceremony and headed back to Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Photo credit: Nonito Donaire, Jr. / Facebook

While the trip was short, it was fruitful for the boxing champion. But did you know this was not his first time to donate big money for typhoon victims? In 2009, Typhoon Ondoy victims received a donation of Php1 million from Donaire via the housing program.

Pleased with that project, he sought to find another one to support and got connected with English philanthropist Greg Secker who had been helping out victims of Typoon Yolanda since 2013.

While still in the beginning of my career, I gave wholeheartedly as much as I could to build housing for Ondoy victims.

Now it’s 2018, I’m doing it all over again. What a great way to start the year by giving back with the amazing efforts and coordination of the Greg Secker Foundation to give 100 homes.

And it seems that Donaire has big plans ahead!

Photo credit: Nonito Donaire, Jr. / Facebook

We need to have a voice.

In boxing, fighters aren’t just fighters. We can do so much more beyond inspiring people with what we achieve in the ring. A friend hooked me up with Greg who invited us for the Iloilo turnover. I’m looking at the bigger picture, what we can do to create more homes for the less fortunate, maybe 1,000 more homes, how we can make an impact on the lives of people.

Isn’t that good news? Thanks, Donaire! Good luck on your next fights…

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