Diego Loyzaga Secures Sofia Andres from Basher: “Perfect ka the way you are.”

“Pusong Ligaw” star Sofia Andres was unable to control her emotions of feeling dismayed when a basher thought she’s insecure about her body.  Sofia claimed she loves her body and is proud of it.

Sofia shared that being a celebrity, as much as possible, they were trying not to answer any negative criticism thrown at them and just try to ignore them.  However, she claimed her feelings get hurt, too.

Apparently,  in an Instagram post a few days ago, Sofia shared her photo wearing a red swimsuit.  A basher then commented that she was insecure.

Photo credit: iamsofiaandres/Instagram

Sofia, feeling dismayed, expressed her emotions through a Twitter post as she wrote:

“i didn’t create an account on instagram to show my tits and butt or show too much skin. there’s this anonymous who actually thinks i’m insecure and can’t be proud of my body. i love myself.”

Photo credit: @iamsofiaandres/Twitter

On January 6, in a press conference of ABS-CBN’s drama series, “Pusong Ligaw”, Sofia became ‘transparent’ as she voiced out feeling hurt by receiving hate messages on social media.  She claimed she was trying to just ignore them but as a human who has feelings, she still gets hurt.

Rumored boyfriend Diego Loyzaga also answered to defend the actress and claimed it’s normal for them to react accordingly to bashers.  He added that Sofia is a woman and that she deserves to be respected.

Photo credit: iamsofiaandres/Instagram

When asked if she has insecurities, Sofia answered, “Yung tiyan ko, yung braso ko, wala po akong baba.  Yung hips ko, malaki”. 

Diego immediately comforted the actress saying, “Perfect ka the way you are.”

Sofia and Diego are currently starring in ABS-CBN’s teleserye “Pusong Ligaw” as a love team.

In a previous interview, Diego admitted their closeness after working together for more than 3 years and is looking forward to the development of their relationship. He claimed he won’t get tired of working with Sofia.

Meanwhile, in the midst of speculations that the two are in a romantic relationship, they had not confirmed nor denied the said rumors. 

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