Controversial Photo of a Man Who Beheaded a Santo Niño Statue Makes Faithful Catholic Netizens Angry

Catholic Filipinos revere religious relics. One of the most famous is the Black Nazarene who recently celebrated its feast day on January 10, 2018, and Santo Niño, the “Holy Child”. That’s why a photo of a man who beheaded a statue of Santo Niño went viral on social media and gained different reactions from netizens.

The photo was uploaded by a Facebook page named Buzz Pinas; though they didn’t include any information about the intentions of the man why he posed a picture with this but beheading a saint figure made Catholics angry because this is a form of disrespect for their religion.

Image: Buzz Pinas

The Facebook page captioned the photo “Kailangan bang gawin ito dahil iba na ang paniniwala mo?” they even included #RESPECTOTHERELIGIONS

Kailangan bang gawin to dahil iba na ang paniniwala mo? 😣😣😣#RESPECTOTHERRELIGIONS

Posted by BP on Monday, January 8, 2018

As of press time, the photo already reached over 1020 shares and 785 reactions.

Some are wishing that he would be beheaded. A netizen said “I’m not a Catholic pero respeto sa lahat ng relihiyon almost lahat ng Christian [dito] sa Pilipinas“. One netizen said that although he was not a Christian, he still finds the photo insulting and asked the man to respect others’ beliefs.

Image: Buzz Pinas

On the other hand, some netizens said that the man in the picture didn’t do anything wrong. Some have even included Bible verses which indicate that people should stop worshiping icons or figures and that includes saint relics.

Regardless of our religion, we should respect other people and that includes their religion. How about you, what do you think about the man’s controversial photo? Do you find this offensive?

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