Claudine Barretto Admits Seeking Psychiatric Care Because of Anxiety Attacks

Claudine Barretto admitted seeing a psychiatrist to help her get through with a mental disorder brought by panic attacks.  The actress claimed it started in the year 2002, on the same year when former boyfriend Rico Yan passed away.

In an Instagram post on January 17,  Claudine shared a photo with Dr. Babes Manalo, a well-known psychiatrist from The Medical City.  She confirmed that she has been seeking psychiatric help and is under Dr. Manalo’s care.

Photo: claubarretto/Instagram

On Sunday, Claudine also shared her story in an episode of GMA 7’s “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho”.  According to the actress, she sought the help of a psychiatrist when her friend late director Wenn Deramas suggested that she already needs to see one when he saw her roaming around a room, crying and didn’t know what to do.

Photo: claubarretto/Instagram

Apparently, Claudine revealed that she felt like dying after experiencing difficulty in breathing and cold sweats which lasted for about 3 to 5 minutes.  There were also days when she felt like going crazy and jumping off from a building then afterwards, she would just faint.

However, Dr. Manalo explained that panic disorder is common among people who experience anxiety disorders.  She added that it’s common to both man and woman and there are factors triggering it that’s why medication is very important.

Claudine claimed that her panic disorder started at the time she lost former boyfriend Rico Yan, where she would tire herself so she could easily fall asleep when she goes home and would not think about him.  In fact, Claudine said that up to now, she still keeps on working because she has not really grieved over Rico’s death.

Photo: claubarretto/Instagram

Dr.Manalo said that Claudine’s case also includes guilt feeling where she felt being unable to give her best to the one she really cared for. And in turn, Claudine had been carrying all the guilt all along.

Meanwhile, Claudine gives an advice to people who are suffering from the same condition not to feel helpless as there is still a way out.  She also encourages people with anxiety disorder to be compassionate with one another.

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