Cebu Linemen Impress ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ Judges with Dangerous but Hilarious Dance Moves on Top of Electricity Poles

Today, we really take things like electricity, running water, and even internet connection but we actually owe the easily usage of these utilities to the countless linemen who risk their lives in the dangerous jobs just to connect our homes and provide utilities to the people.

But although the job of a lineman is tough, it doesn’t mean they can’t also have a good time.

A team of linemen in Cebu impressed judges of ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ with their dangerous dance moves on top of the electricity poles. But the crowd also cheered with their hilarious movements as the poles swayed hard to their movement.

Photo credit: Pilipinas Got Talent / YouTube

The CEBECO II Blue Knights had set up the electricity poles outside the audition venue in Cebu City.

Their performance started from the ground up, with the linemen climbing swiftly up the poles using their safety ropes. Their perch on those tall electricity poles looked dangerous but the linemen were used to the heights.

As the music started, they first danced to “Katawan” by Hagibis, doing ‘macho’ dance moves on the poles and even jumping around – to the cheers of the crowd. Proving that they can also have fun and go with the trends, the group also danced to the viral hit song “Baby Shark”.

It was really fun to watch these guys dance even if you know that they are doing something really dangerous.

Check them out in this video:

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