Bret Jackson Defends Nadine Lustre from Bashers, Sees No Reason to Hate Her

James Reid’s close friend Bret Jackson came to rescue Nadine from bashers. He said he cannot see any reason why bashers had been persistently attacking her.

Photo credit: bret.jackson/Instagram

Apparently, on January 13, 2018, Philippine Entertainment Portal ( reported that Nadine had exchanged posts with a troll on Instagram who allegedly called her “nega” and “patola queen”.  Nadine answered back saying no one deserves hate so trolls should stop insulting and be putting down others.

After their messages, Nadine appealed to everyone to just spread love and positivity this year, 2018.  She then emphasized that instead of hate, everyone should live their lives to the fullest.

Bret and James were former housemates in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash in 2010.  As a friend, Bret expressed his concern to Nadine as real-life girlfriend and on-screen love team of James.

Photo credit: bret.jackson/Instagram

He said he cannot understand why people had been ******* Nadine and he felt dismayed about it.

In his Twitter account on January 11, Bret wrote:

Why would anyone bash Nadine in the first place?”

The next day, January 12, Bret wrote:

A strong successful woman living her life and loving her family and friends.”

Let’s all just be happy. Guys it’s 2018

Photo credit: bret jackson II/Tweeter

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Nadine posted another fearless statement in Instagram where she wrote: “Don’t tell me how to live my life. You don’t own me.  You don’t know me.”

Photo credit: nadine/Instagram

In her previous interviews, Nadine had been consistent in saying that she will not be seen at her lowest point no matter how negative the comments being thrown to her were and how persistent the trolls were in trying to bring her down.

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