“Bituing Walang Ningning” Star Cherie Gil Unexpects Line to be Famous: “You’re Nothing but a Second-rate, Trying Hard Copycat!”

In an episode of GMA 7’s “Tonight with Arnold Clavio”, Cherie Gil admitted that she’s not expecting her line, “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!” to be famous when she delivered it in the movie “Bituing Walang Ningning” in 1985.  As such, even those people who were not yet born at the time the movie was shown were also familiar with her dialogue.

Photo credit: TFC

Cherie claimed that doing a movie before was quite different with the way movies are now presented.  According to her, the movies before had intense dialogues and not because there is a “bida” (star), there will also be a “kontrabida”(villain).

In the movie “Bituing Walang Ningning” where she starred with Sharon Cuneta on lead roles, they were both fighting for their dreams and their principles. One had fought for her career and the other one for her love.

Cherie played the role of Lavinia Arguelles, a famous singer with Sharon Cuneta as Dorina Pineda, her number one fan who later on overshadowed her.  After Cherie delivered her famous line, she had to hurl wine into Sharon’s face. She said the scene was really included in the script so Sharon would be prepared.

She added that aside from the fact that her dialogue was really intense and “catchy”, it became famous because many can identify themselves with it.

Photo credit: macherieamour/Instagram

Cherie also shared that all of them were “take one actor” at that time because the use of film was so expensive compared to the movies now which are all digitally produced.

Meanwhile, Cherie expressed to be proud being the daughter of Eddie Mesa, the “Elvis Presley” of the Philippines and Rosemarie Gil, one of the great actors during her time. She shared that she used to dub her mother’s line whenever Rosemarie was sick and somehow learned her acting style.

Photo credit: macherieamour/Instagram

Having said that, Cherie claimed she’s like her mother who had been an active actress, a strong woman, and an effective villain.

“So I guess I’m the copycat,” she concluded.

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