Angel Locsin Helps Poor “Pilipinas Got Talent” Contestant Fulfill Dream of Fixing Roof of Mom’s House

Many of us have plans of giving our parents a better life, with a lot promising to fix the house or even buy them a new abode once we have a job. But as many also know it, a lot of challenges can interfere with our plans and we later find ourselves still unable to fulfill our plans for our parents, no matter how hard we tried.

One guy experienced the same thing but little did he know that his dreams would come true after he joined talent show “Pilipinas Got Talent”.

Photo credit: Michael Aco / Facebook – TNP

Michael Aco did not win the show (not yet, anyway, as it is still in its audition stages) but he was able to find the help he needed to fix the roof of his mom’s house after amusing the judges with his performance.

While Michael doesn’t really have an amazing voice that would bring him to the finals, he does have a strong personality and confidence as he channels his favorite actor who happens to be a judge on the show, Robin Padilla.

He drew cheers from the audience as he launched into a tirade, seemingly accusing a shocked Angel Locsin of breaking his heart. The lovely judge played along, even letting Michael kiss her hand.

Photo credit: Pilipinas Got Talent / YouTube

Robin urged Angel to go to the stage just to check how Michael would react. The two played a rather convincing impromptu drama scene that impressed the judges. But it was Michael’s comedic moments that really captured the judges’ attention.

Not only did he receive a pair of sunglasses from Robin, he also got to have his photo taken with his idol. But the best prize he got that day for his performance was not just the 4 ‘yeses’ from the judges but the promise from Angel that she would give him money to finally fix the roof on his mom’s house, just like what he promised his mother back when he was still in school.

Photo credit: Michael Aco / Facebook – TNP

What can you say about his performance and the judges’ subsequent reaction?

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