Xander Ford Sets Eyes on Miles Ocampo as Love Team, Gets Paired with ‘Snake Princess’

Did Xander Ford just find himself a love team in the ‘Snake Princess’?

After he revealed his ‘new identity’ from Marlou Arizala to Xander Ford, he expressed desire to have actress Miles Ocampo as his love team but such did not happen at all. With interest on his name beginning to fizzle out, it seems that Xander is staying relevant with a new love team: the so-called ‘Snake Princess’.

Photo credit: Showbiz Trends

Some local blog sites such as Showbiz Trends and Trending News Portal are claiming that Xander might have found himself a love team in the Snake Princess whose real name is actually Mark Anthony Abucejo.

The Snake Princess is more popularly known as the social media influencer on Mugstoria, the page that banks on Visayan humor and hilarious ‘hugot’ lines.

Photo credit: Showbiz Trends

The two seemed to be good friends and quite possibly comfortable with each other’s company, leading netizens to wonder if there was something between them or if they are really just a ‘love team’ on social media.

There has been no confirmation from any of the parties involved, including Xander’s handlers from Star Image but netizens have agreed that he should not set his eyes too high and aim for Miles because he does look better when paired with the Snake Princess.

Photo credit: Showbiz Trends

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