‘Star for All Seasons’ Vilma Santos Feels Happy with Son Luis and Jessy Mendiola’s Relationship, Leaves Decision to Luis for Future Partner

December 11, 2017 is Batangas Congresswoman Vilma Santos and Senator Ralph Recto’s 25th (Silver) wedding anniversary. Clueless about how they will celebrate their anniversary, it became a working day for Cong. Vilma who had a prior commitment as she attended a committee hearing on  the same day.

But then, Vilma shared they had plans of traveling abroad should both of their schedules permit so.

Photo: vilmanianbyheart/Instagram

Amidst Vilma’s very busy schedule in serving her constituents, Vilma claimed she will never take for granted the quality time with her family and loved-ones. They have their yearly tradition of having a vacation and eating Noche Buena together which kept her feeling excited on the coming holidays.

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When asked about their sons Ryan and Luis, Vilma happily shared that Luis seemed to be very happy with girlfriend Jessy Mendiola. On the other hand, she said that Ryan who is now 21 years old looks forward to his future though he still isn’t sure of the path he wants to take. Vilma then shared that Luis was also like that when at that age.

Meanwhile, Vilma claimed that she can see her son Luis very happy with Jessy as his real-life sweetheart. For a mother like her, Vilma said there’s nothing that can make her happier than to see her children happy. And the way she sees the ‘sparks’ in the eyes of Luis, she knew he is happy with Jessy.

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Later on, Vilma revealed that Luis had thrown a birthday party for Jessy. She said that she can see Luis happy with their relationship so she is grateful that Jessy came into her son’s life.

Vilma as a mother somehow felt and knew that her son is already preparing for his life with a partner. But again, she said it’s up to Luis to decide and will always support him for as long as he is happy.

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