Rude Woman Who Kept Asking ‘Kumare’ to Send Gift for Godchild via ‘Pera Padala’ Goes Viral

What is the role of a godparent to his or her godchild?

The primary role played by the godparent is to be the second parent for the child, providing moral and spiritual support to the child while growing up and advice as they get older. But in the Philippines, many have this notion that godparents are primarily there to give gifts to their godchildren for Christmas.

Photo credit: Dyanne Jordan Montiero / Facebook

We’ve seen a lot of jokes, even funny songs, about how kids are always trying to chase their ‘ninongs’ and ‘ninangs’ around to ask for Christmas gifts but their godparents are always good at hiding.

But are godparents really required to give gifts to their godchildren? What if the child can’t physical claim the gift, should the godparent send money to the child’s parents instead?

Such is the situation faced by one godmother who posted a rather relatable story on Facebook. Dyanne Jordan Montiero shared some screenshots of chats with a certain ‘kumare’ who kept on asking her for gifts, chiding her for not giving gifts to her godchild for Christmas as well as missing the child’s birthday.

Photo credit: Dyanne Jordan Montiero / Facebook

In the series of screenshots, it was clear that Dyanne offered a gift to the kid but only if the child could claim it at their house – something that many godparents can actually relate to, especially if their godchildren don’t exactly live nearby.

Photo credit: Dyanne Jordan Montiero / Facebook

However, this rude kumare doesn’t want to spend money on fare to Dyanne’s home, telling her instead to send the gift via Smart Padala and another remittance center, clearly implying that she send money.

Photo credit: Dyanne Jordan Montiero / Facebook

Irked by such rudeness, Dyanne posted the screenshots on her Facebook account; it quickly went viral! What do you think of this woman, eh?

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