Retired Soldier Lives in the Streets after Heartless Relatives Claimed His Monthly Pension

Soldiers risk their lives for the country to remain in peace. Many of them lose their lives in the battlefield, returning to their families in caskets and never seeing their children grow up to have families of their own.

So, when soldiers retire, they deserve to enjoy their money and relax in whatever manner they want to. After all, they have not just worked for the retirement money but had also placed their lives on the line not just for their families but also for the rest of the country.

But one retired soldier is now living in the streets after his heartless relatives reportedly claimed his monthly pension, leaving him with nothing.

Photo credit: All about the Philippines / Facebook

In a post on Facebook page All About the Philippines, the veteran was identified as Retired M.Sgt. Narciso Alpas who served on the 356 ES of the 355th Aviation Eng’g Wing of the Philippine Air Force before he became part of the 710 Special Operations Wing of PAF, an elite combat unit of the Philippine Air Force.

According to the post, the retired soldier has been living in the streets for a long time because his pension is being claimed by a relative he could no longer name. Perhaps he has forgotten the name of his relative because of the hardships he faced living in the streets.

Photo credit: All about the Philippines / Facebook

Considering how difficult his life must have been as a soldier, it’s sad to see him suffering some more in the streets and even possibly losing his mind as he lives without much provisions, unable to provide food for himself or a comfortable place to sleep in.

His story has since gone viral, with people commenting their anger at the family members of this retired soldier who had stolen his pension and abandoned him. We hope he can find a comfortable place to stay where he could be provided with enough food, before it is too late…

But how much do war heroes like him earn as monthly pension? A retired Msg /CPO receives Php29,945 monthly pension plus Php14,972.50 a month for the long pay, states EO76 according to the AFP Finance Center. Such an amount could more than support this retired soldier’s basic needs!

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