Piolo Pascual Gives Son Iñigo Freedom to Decide on Personal Matters

Piolo Pascual will never interfere with Iñigo’s personal life. He claimed his son is already at the right age so he trusts him with his decisions to be able to explore the world and experience what life is really all about.

Apparently, Iñigo had admitted that he and Maris had been talking exclusively and they were special to one another. However, he said they have this certain closeness but was not like an official thing.  He added that they were not rushing things because they are still young.

When asked if Piolo is in favor of Maris for Iñigo, he claimed he is not the type of a father who will interfere with his son’s love life. He added that Iñigo is already 20 years old; so he already knew what he’s doing.

Piolo added that he doesn’t want to be a stage father. He would be happy with anyone Iñigo chooses to be with and for as long as Iñigo is happy, he would support his son.

“As long as they are both happy, as long as walang gamitan, as long as they are not misleading each other, as long as totoo sila sa isa’t isa, ‘yun naman ang importante.”

Photo: inigopascual/Instagram

Iñigo has not introduced Maris to Piolo as they had just been hanging out together and never had hung out with their families. But, then, Piolo had met Maris while she was a housemate in PBB (Pinoy Big Brother). That time, Iñigo was still in the States.

Meanwhile, Piolo feels proud of the kind of man Iñigo had become. He added that he is excited about what will happen to his son’s career because people were all praises to Iñigo for being such a good singer and a dancer. He claimed his son is his pride and joy and it’s music to his ears whenever people say that Iñigo is better than him.

Photo: inigopascual/Instagram

Piolo is very happy that Iñigo had come out of his shell and is starting to build his own identity.

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