Pinoys Smile over Photos of Lechon Being Delivered Amid Floods in Southern Philippines

Year in and year out, the Philippines keeps getting battered by storms that often bring floods and landslides to many areas. There is no year in the Philippines when no storm did not pass – and there has never been a year (in recent history at least) wherein there has never been a flood in some part of the country.

But Filipinos are known to be resilient. They laugh in the face of danger – and smile for the cameras despite their houses being submerged by flood waters.

In short, Pinoys can still find something to be happy about even amid a difficult situation. Or perhaps floods have become a regular occurrence in their lives that they are no longer too bothered when it comes?

Photo credit: Terence Maceren / Photo

In Cagayan de Oro City, southern Philippines, tropical storm Vinta has dumped so much rain these past days that many areas have become flooded. But one family is not letting the storm stop their party!

Terence Maceren posted photos of two men carrying lechon past their house. He and his neighbors were monitoring the flood waters when the two men passed by. He didn’t miss the opportunity to snap some photos and make jokes on social media.

In a post on Facebook, Terence told his friends he was supposed to invite them to enjoy the lechon but the delivery guys just walked past his house. LOL.

The post garnered much interest on social media, with lots of netizens commenting about the Pinoy happy-go-lucky spirit. Others made jokes as well, wishing the lechon was being delivered to their own homes.

Photo credit: Terence Maceren / Photo

But more serious ones commented how it was rather dangerous for these guys to be delivering lechon amid the flood waters. They are not just putting themselves in danger but also endangering the people who will eat the lechon, especially because it wasn’t even wrapped and could easily get contaminated by the flood waters. Ooops.

What do you think of these photos?

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