Orphaned Streetkid Who Used to Ask Companies for Food, Inspires Netizens after Becoming a Call Center Agent

We can’t choose where we are born – if only that is possible, everyone would surely be in rich, powerful families, right? But despite not being born rich, it is said that your success in life is not really determined by chance but by choice. In short, life is what you make it. Do you agree?

Twenty four-year-old Danilo Macababbad is certainly among the perfect examples for that. He lost his parents when he was just a kid. Being an orphan is difficult, especially because he did not come from a rich family.

There were no relatives to take him in; thus, he lived in the streets and learned to earn money to feed himself. He had no one to count on but himself.

Photo credit: Front Row / Facebook

For years, Danilo lived in the streets and would sell newspapers to earn some money. Cash was hard to come by but he could sometimes find companies that would give food to street kids. He soon learned to find these companies so he could have something to eat; although there were many days when he would sleep with an empty stomach.

There are thousands of kids like Danilo, with many falling victim to some crime or becoming criminals and joining syndicates but he chose to live a clean life. In his quest for a better life, he applied for a job as a call center agent – and was accepted!

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This new job has given Danilo a better life, definitely much more comfortable than the one he had in the streets. His story would also become an inspiration to many, with people saying they admire him for not giving up and for doing his best to live a good life despite the dire circumstances he was in.

Congratulations, Danilo! We all pray for your success.

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