OFW Dad Disguises as Jollibee Crew in Homecoming Surprise to Daughters Who’ve Been Through Marawi War

Two young girls who had been through a lot of challenges in the past months received a wonderful surprise from their OFW dad when he went home just a few days before one of them celebrates her birthday. Their aunt facilitated a heartwarming homecoming surprise that would soon go viral on social media.

In a post on Facebook, the girls’ aunt Juv P. Montańer narrated how Breanna and Chayyen had been through a lot in their young lives. Aside from going through the separation of their parents, they were victims of the devastating earthquake in Bohol.

When their mother decided to pursue her Ph.D, she took them to live with her eldest sister in MSU, Marawi City but after the war broke out, the traumatized kids had to travel 10 hours to Iligan City and were cared for by their aunt whom they call ‘Mommy Juv’.

Photo credit: Juv P. Montańer / Facebook

After all they had been through, the two only had one big wish: that their family can be complete again. This wish includes hope that their father, an overseas Filipino worker who works as nurse in Dubai, can go home for Chayyen’s 8th birthday on November 20 or for Christmas.

Juv revealed that her brother-in-law had been in Dubai for 3 years and hasn’t come home since then. When he learned about his children’s wish, he tried to find a way to go back home. He messaged Juv to help him arrange a surprise homecoming for his daughters, asking if it was possible for him to wear a Jollibee uniform and ‘deliver’ the food to his children’s table.

Photo credit: Juv P. Montańer / Facebook

Thankfully, the manager at Jollibee Rosario Heights Tubod Iligan City readily obliged, allowing this dad to wear a Jolllibee cap to surprise his children. At first, the kids did not immediately recognize him as they were excited to eat their food but a short while later, Breanna recognized the bracelet handmade by Chayyen which they sent to their dad in Dubai.

It turned out their dad had not taken it off since he received it. The moment the sisters realized the Jollibee ‘crew’ was their dad, they immediately cried and gave him a hug. It was really such a tearjerking moment that many netizens could not help but also cry along as they watched the happy reunion…

Photo credit: Juv P. Montańer / Facebook

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